Christine O'Donnell under investigation: where six 2010 also-rans are now

Christine O'Donnell, Alvin Greene, and four other Election 2010 losers are keeping busy.

4. Ken Buck

Having won an upset in the GOP primary, Mr. Buck seemed poised for victory against appointed Sen. Michael Bennet (D) of Colorado. But one gaffe after another – and a wild governor’s race that appeared to damage Republican prospects among Hispanics – sank the campaign of this district attorney from Weld County.

Since the election, Buck has been lying low. His name did appear in the news right before Christmas, when the Associated Press reported that a Weld County judge had ordered the destruction of tax documents connected with an investigation into identity theft by illegal immigrants. The investigation, which was led by Buck, had already been halted by the state Supreme Court. The AP reports that Buck’s probe marked the first time authorities had tried to use tax returns, which are confidential, to prosecute people suspected of being illegal immigrants.

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