Christine O'Donnell under investigation: where six 2010 also-rans are now

Christine O'Donnell, Alvin Greene, and four other Election 2010 losers are keeping busy.

5. Carl Paladino

Gary Wiepert/Reuters
Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino holds an orange bat as he concedes to a crowd in Buffalo, N.Y., on Nov. 2

By the time Mr. Paladino lost to Andrew Cuomo in New York’s gubernatorial race, he was well out of the running. A series of gaffes and displays of temperament unbecoming a governor destroyed his chances. On election night, after losing 61-34, the wealthy tea-party-backed businessman from Buffalo said “no more elections,” but vowed to remain a voice for change in New York.

Nearly two months after Election Day, Paladino has raised his head publicly a few times. First, he wrote a widely distributed letter to a New York TV host, Liz Benjamin, complaining that an interview she did with Mr. Cuomo wasn’t tough enough. Then he wrote a letter, also posted on his Facebook page, to the chairman of the Empire State Development Corporation about the economic struggles of Buffalo, critical of local leaders for failing to bring Bass Pro Shop to the area. One might suspect Paladino is considering a run for mayor of Buffalo, but he did say the governor’s race would be his first and last campaign.

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