Videos from Obama's inaugural and dance with Michelle


You think you had a busy day? Look what happened to Barack Obama yesterday: New house, new job, new car, big speech, and – to top it off – his mother-in-law just moved in with him.

And then if that wasn't enough, he went out dancing.

Thanks a lot, Mr. President

Makes no difference to the LA Times's Andy Malcolm. President Obama just made his life miserable.

"Last night President Obama got the rest of the country's husbands in thoroughly hot water – by taking his wife Michelle out, and not just to a dance. He took her out to 10 balls. And he got all dressed up too," laments Malcolm.

The office

But just like the rest of us, it's back to work today.

High on our agenda is to get the light over the desk fixed, and we just got a note from the office manager threatening to remove anything in the refrigerator that's moving.

President Obama's got a busy day too. Monitor colleague Alexandra Marks breaks down the new president's goals here.

In case you didn't see yesterday's Inaugural address or swearing-in (and by the way, our readers place the blame on squarely on Supreme Court Justice Roberts for the oath of office gaffe), we're posting the full video.

Come dancing

We've also posted video of the President Obama and the new First Lady attending the final ball last night. You would think after ten separate balls, they'd look worn out. But as you'll see, they held up pretty good.

By the way, Michelle's gown? Like buttah. She's getting rave reviews from people who understand fashion. We talked about that here.

And hand it to the president. He knows exactly what to say.

"Since the First Lady of the United States has been doing the same thing that I've been doing but backwards and in heels, let me ask her one last dance," he said.

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