President Obama takes Michelle out dancing


You could say it's been a busy day for the new president. New house, new job, new car, big speech, and now he's living with his Mother-in-law.

So tonight, he'll be able to blow off some steam. Cut it loose on the dance floor. Yee-haw!!!

Maybe not.

No lamp shades

He's probably going to keep it pretty cool tonight. We doubt there'll be any photos of President Obama wearing a lamp shade. But he's wearing a tux. And his wife is wearing a new dress.

No, we know nothing about fashion. It's a good day when we remember to wear shoes.


But those in the know tell us that her dress - a one-shoulder, off-white, floor-length gown - was designed by Jason Wu.


Wu. That's who.

How's she look? We think "good". But the folks over at US Magazine know this kind of thing much better than we do.

"This type of dress shape/silhouette is something that's completely unexpected. [It's] vibrant and aspirational, full and gorgeous," Charnin Morrison said. "No one else in the past would have been this striking, this ravishing or been able to pull this look off. She's bringing sexy back."


The LA Times chief fashion critic says the First Lady's gown is unusual, but she pulls it off.

"Michelle Obama is rewriting the fashion rules and she looks every inch the style icon she is becoming," writes Booth Moore. "The one-shouldered style is sexy and the powdery hue reflects the trends we saw on the Golden Globes red carpet. And won't it look nice in the Smithsonian alongside the other first lady gowns?"


Access Hollywood tells us even more about the dress (in words we've never heard before):

"Her full-skirted dress had a strap across her right shoulder, a ruched bodice, fluffy appliques and sparkly beading," they say.

First ball

The President and the First Lady began the night by stopping by the Neighborhood Ball.

"This campaign was organized neighborhood by neighborhood,'' he told the attendees. "And if you think about it, neighborhood starts with neighbor. Because it indicates a sense that we as Americans are bound together. That what we have in common is more important than what drives us apart. This ball is the one which captures best, I think, the spirit of this campaign."''

The first dance

Beyonce' serenaded the first couple for the first dance. She sang the Etta James standard, "At last".

Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Faith Hill, and Mariah Carey sang along with Stevie Wonder to the song "Sign, Sealed, Delivered" for their second dance.

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