High gas prices: what presidential candidates say they'll do about it

Gas prices jumped 30 cents a gallon in February, and Republicans are blaming President Obama for not having a policy fix. Here's what Mr. Obama and the GOP presidential aspirants are saying on the campaign trail lately about their remedy for high gas prices.

3. Ron Paul

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    Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks to supporters during a town hall meeting at the Bonner County Fairgrounds in Sandpoint, Idaho, on March 5.
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Despite being from oil-rich Texas, the congressman hasn't been talking about gas prices as much as Gingrich has. But he also favors more drilling.

He champions free-market forces, with an energy plan that would repeal the federal gasoline tax; nix corporate subsidies; ease regulatory roadblocks for oil, coal, and nuclear power production; and offer tax credits "for the purchase and production of alternative fuel technologies."

One thing that differentiates Mr. Paul from other candidates: The former Air Force flight surgeon is less interventionist in foreign policy. For better or worse, as far as gas prices and global security go, that means he's less likely to have the US take a confrontational stance toward Iran.

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