How to pick a college? 10 tips for seniors from their peers

It’s college application season; have you narrowed your choices wisely? And if you’re ultimately accepted to several schools, how will you know “the one”? Here are pointers from students who’ve recently survived the process.

9. Course requirements

Many prospective students don’t look into the specific classes they’ll be taking their freshman year and beyond, but those now in college say it’s important to do so. What are the course requirements for your potential major? When will you be able to take the classes you want to take? What if you’re planning to study English, but one school requires students take two years of math and science before allowing them to delve into the intricacies of Shakespeare?

It might not be easy to find degree requirements on an admissions website. Call the school’s student services office (where current students go for academic advising) and ask for a copy of curriculum guides. At the same time, find out if your high school test scores – from AP, IB, and SAT II exams – will count for anything toward graduation requirements.

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