How to pick a college? 10 tips for seniors from their peers

It’s college application season; have you narrowed your choices wisely? And if you’re ultimately accepted to several schools, how will you know “the one”? Here are pointers from students who’ve recently survived the process.

10. Extracurricular activities

If you might want to study abroad, volunteer, or join a specific club, make sure the school you pick has that activity.

Are you a huge sports fan? Have you always dreamed of joining your mom’s old sorority? Maybe you’d prefer a school with low-key athletics or barely any Greek life. Extracurricular activities might not seem as important as academics and networking opportunities, but getting involved outside of the classroom is one of the best ways to meet people, cultivate passions, and yes, pad your résumé.

“I didn’t think about any of those things when I was applying to schools,” admits Andrea Sobieski, a junior advertising major at Boston University. Though they weren’t on her mind three years ago, she’s involved now: She joined BU’s student-run advertising agency, went on a community service spring break trip her freshman year, and will be studying in Australia this spring. Her advice to high school seniors: “Go to a college where you can surround yourself with the kind of people and activities you’re interested in.”

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