Top 10 most globally minded colleges

Instead of focusing on faculty research contribution, we highlight global citizenship, as measured by US News & World Report's ranking of student participation in study abroad programs. 

5. Goshen College

Courtesy of Goshen College
Goshen students are given a unique opportunity to study abroad in developing countries, gaining valuable intercultural skills.

800 students attend Goshen College, a private college in Indiana. Though the college is officially affiliated with the Mennonite Church, its core values extend to all Christians: "Christ-centeredness, passionate learning, servant leadership, compassionate peacemaking, and global citizenship." 

The school's curriculum stresses intercultural perspectives, while Goshen's unique Study Service Term (SST) "emphasizes service to a local community — and total cultural immersion."

As the website reveals, "On SST ... students live with local families and experience day-to-day life in the most personal way possible." About 80 percent of Goshen students participate in the international SST. 

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