Stephen Colbert: Viewers should 'think about all the things we have in common'

Colbert, host of CBS's 'The Late Show,' headed up a live Showtime election special that he concluded by urging viewers to 'think about all the things we have in common.'

Scott Kowalchyk/Showtime
Stephen Colbert appears on his Showtime election special.

Late-night host Stephen Colbert ended a live election night special by telling viewers to look for unification.

Mr. Colbert, who hosted the political Comedy Central show “The Colbert Report” for almost 10 years and now hosts CBS’s “The Late Show,” headed up a live election episode on cable network Showtime on Nov. 7.

When he finished the episode, he did so by discussing what he called “poisonous politics” and told viewers to focus on drawing together.

“Now politics is everywhere, and that takes up precious brain space we could be using to think about all the things we have in common,” he said. He added, “We as a nation agree that we should never, ever have another election like this one.” 

He expanded on the theme after the special episode officially ended, saying, “It's a beautiful country. We're all going to be all right.” 

Colbert had various guests on the program, including his “Late Show” band, led by musician Jon Batiste, as well as actress Laura Benanti, actor Jeff Goldblum, and Charlamagne Tha God of the radio program The Breakfast Club. 

Earlier in the night, Colbert had also discussed the importance of getting involved in elections if one feels strongly. 

"This is a moment for people to understand political involvement is a responsibility," he said. "You can opt out of voting but you can't opt out of lack of action. If this is the effects, people who didn't vote will see effects of lack of action."

He added, "I believe the American people made a choice that they believe will help their lives and everyone is entitled to make that decision, whether or not you agree with that."

An edited version of the program will appear on CBS on Nov. 11.

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