Has Showtime renewed 'Homeland'? How network is changing release plan

Showtime is reportedly working on a plan for multiple new seasons of its award-winning drama. The network is also bringing back old shows on a one-a-month plan.

Stephen Rabold/Showtime
'Homeland' stars Claire Danes (l.) and Mandy Patinkin (r.).

Fans of the Showtime TV program “Homeland” could be getting multiple seasons of the drama, while Showtime tweaks its release strategy in a way that reflects the recent year-round trend for TV programming.

Showtime is reportedly working on a deal with those behind the Emmy-winning show “Homeland” to create a seventh and eighth season of the show. Meanwhile, the sixth season of the program is set to debut this January, according to the network.

“Homeland,” which stars Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, debuted in 2011 and quickly became one of the most acclaimed shows on television, winning prizes such as the best actress in a drama series Emmy for Ms. Danes and best drama series Emmy. Reviews for recent seasons have been more mixed. 

The plan for “Homeland” is likely important for Showtime, as Deadline writer Nellie Andreeva notes that the show is [Showtime’s] flagship drama series.”

As for the rest of the network’s programming, David Nevins, Showtime chief executive, said that the network will be trying out a new schedule for their returning programming, with one old show coming back every month. “Masters of Sex” will come back in September, while “Shameless” will debut a new season in October and the program “The Affair” will come back in November. 

Mr. Nevins told The New York Times that the new plan is because “we now operate in an ecosystem where it’s easier and easier to sign up and turn us off. There’s a real premium on offering stuff all the time.” 

Offering year-round programming on TV, rather than sticking to the traditional September-to-May broadcast schedule, has become more and more the norm. Showtime’s cable rivals such as HBO and Starz have been doing this as well, with HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” for example, often debuting a new season in April and running into June, a very different plan from a network show debuting in the fall, taking a break in the winter, and then concluding in the spring.

Starz has also often followed this newer model, with the network’s hit show “Outlander,” for example, debuting its second season in April. 

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