Russell Brand's FX late-night show will most likely not be returning

Russell Brand's show 'Brand X With Russell Brand,' a late-night program which aired on FX beginning in 2012, will probably not return for another season, according to FX executives. The network is developing a new series with Russell Brand based on the comedian's life.

Ellis O'Brian/FX/AP
FX stated it is working with Russell Brand to develop a new show loosely based on the comedian's life.

"Brand X With Russell Brand" will likely not be back for another season, FX's John Landgraf acknowledged during a meeting with press.

"I don't think were going to bring 'Brand X' back," Landgraf – who was promoted to CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions this week – said, while noting that FX still has an ongoing relationship with Brand, and is developing a new series, loosely based on Brand's life.

Landgraf also acknowledged that the ratings for the Charlie Sheen sitcom "Anger Management," which launched strongly amid the media circus around Sheen but have since fallen off, "are less than we'd like them to be."

Landgraf did say, however, that the recent strategy of airing "Anger Management" on sister broadcast network Fox has given a boost to the series, which was greenlit for 90 more episodes after the first 10 performed satisfactorily .

"That was really good for the show, it had a really good performance we're very hopeful that we will see some of those numbers migrate to the show [on FX]," Landgraf said.  

Chuck Saftler, who has been promoted to President of Program Strategy and Chief Operating Officer of FX Networks, as was announced Thursday, said that "Anger Management" will undergo at least a minor revamp.

"There will be some changes to the show," Saftler said, noting that there will be efforts to "rejigger [the series] a little bit."

In lieu of "Brand X With Russell Brand," FX will focus on "Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell," which will air daily on FX's new FXX network, due to launch in the fall.

Landgraf noted that "Totally Biased" host Bell and executive producer Chris Rock were "ready to convert to a daily show" and that "we saw more potential and more upside [in 'Totally Biased'] in the audience reaction."

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