Matt Damon will appear on 'House of Lies' as a 'maniacal' version of himself

Matt Damon will guest star on 'House of Lies' as a 'maniacal megastar' version of the actor. In Damon's 'House of Lies' appearance, the movie star will be looking for a charity to bear his name.

Michael Desmond Photography/Showtime/AP
Matt Damon (r.) sits with his 'House of Lies' co-star Don Cheadle (l.).

Matt Damon is becoming a TV comedy regular.

Showtime said Monday that Damon will guest star next week on "House of Lies." He'll play what the channel called a "maniacal megastar" version of himself.

Last month, Damon staged a mock takeover of Jimmy Kimmel's ABC talk show, tying Kimmel to a chair and acting as host for a night. On NBC's just-ended "30 Rock," Damon appeared in several episodes as boyfriend to Tina Fey's character, Liz Lemon.

On the Sunday, Feb. 10, "House of Lies" episode, Damon seeks help in finding a charity to carry his name. The actor plays opposite "House of Lies" star Don Cheadle, his friend and a cast mate in the "Ocean's Eleven" movie franchise.

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