Dancing with the Stars results: Not so sweet for Sugar Ray Leonard

Dancing with the Stars recap: In the third round of DWTS eliminations, Sugar Ray Leonard and his partner Anna Trebunskaya, were America's least favorite couple on DWTS..

ABC, Adam Taylor/AP
Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard, and his partner Anna Trebunskaya perform on "Dancing with the Stars," Monday, March 28 in Los Angeles.

Despite a decidedly lackluster performance by Kendra Wilkinson – and Kirstie Alley's impression of Cinderella losing her glass slipper during this week's performances – it was Chelsea Kane and Sugar Ray Leonard who found themselves in the Bottom Two of Dancing With The Stars Tuesday night.

But DWTS host Tom Bergeron reminded viewers that the Bottom Two are not necessarily the bottom two.

Poor Tom, he reminds viewers of this every week and one can't help but wonder why we aren't allowed to know who the bottom two really are. Is this DWTS's way of covering the trail of America's second-least favorite couple, or is it an attempt at creating suspense? If the latter, it might be more effective if DWTS selected two more evenly matched "bottom two."

While in a season that is woefully lacking in star-power, ex-boxer Sugar Ray Leonard has the edge over Disney actress, Chelesa Kane. And though Sugar Ray's performance of an endearing Nutcracker Viennese waltz with pro partner Anna Trebunskaya was his best of the season, the chances of him beating out Chelsea Kane this week was unlikely.

Despite judge Len Goodman's skewering Chelsea's partner Mark Ballas for his untraditional choreography of the Vienesse Waltz set to Harry Potter music, they were the highest scores and selected to perform the encore on Thursday night. And everyone knows that in a magical face-off, the Sugar Plum Fairy doesn't stand a chance against Harry Potter..

When I-can't-be-classy Kendra Wilkinson and her partner Louis Van Amstel were announced as safe, it was pretty certain that Sugar Ray would be the one to go this week.

This is not to say that upsets never happen; America is still buzzing about the shocking elimination of Pia Toscano on American Idol. But traditionally, DWTS has been more predictable than American Idol which is really no surprise; who strikes you as a more unpredictable voting audience: middle-age women or millions of teenage girls? Enough said.

Sugar Ray Leonard took his elimination gracefully, without an ounce of the drama that his competitors manufacture week after week . If Kendra Wilkinson were struggling with the concept of class, she could learned a thing or two by watching Sugar Ray Leonard.

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