Feline impediments to a Sunday nap

A poem.

Feline impediments to a Sunday nap  

Two cats recline upon my chest;  

One looketh east, one looketh west.  

One points the end that looketh south

Toward the end where ith my mouth.  

When one cat stirs, the other growls;

The first one hisses through his jowls.

I try again to close my eyes  

And hope they reach a compromise.

Instead, the two begin to circle  

To better make my surface workle.  

They treat me as (this makes me sore)  

Floor model in a mattress store.  

These two, I note, we treat as brothers

And as for cats, we have had others;  

But male or female, expensive or free,  

All seem to lie on top of me. – Con Chapman

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