'Ballet 422': The graceful documentary wisely focuses on the rehearsal process

( PG ) ( Monitor Movie Guide )

The documentary follows choreographer and New York City Ballet corps de ballet member (now soloist) Justin Peck as he prepares for the première of a show. 

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures
A scene from 'Ballet 422'

Jody Lee Lipes’s documentary “Ballet 422” follows 25-year-old choreographer Justin Peck as he prepares in 2013 for the première of a ballet at the New York City Ballet, where he was at the time also a member of the company’s corps de ballet. (He is now a soloist.)

Dispensing with the usual talking-head interviews and other stylistic impositions, Lipes focuses on the rehearsal process. The result is a graceful sketch pad of a movie about how the strenuousness of creating art can sometimes yield riches that look light as a feather. Grade: B+ (Rated PG for brief language.)

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