Bachelorette: movie review

Despite some sharp scenes, the gross-out humor of 'Bachelorette' goes nowhere.

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    'Bachelorette' star Kirsten Dunst (l.) has some good scenes despite the grating movie.
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If you thought “Bridesmaids” was a big step forward in women’s comedy, you’ll probably find “Bachelorette” a laugh riot, too. As for me, I don’t see why women being as slobby and gross as the guys is such a feminist breakthrough – especially since, as in “Bachelorette,” the slobbiness and grossness is witless.

Kirsten Dunst leads a cast playing old friends and bridesmaids who barf and snort coke and in general carry on like banshees while envying the plus-size bride they not so secretly dislike. Both Dunst and Isla Fisher, as another of the bridesmaids, have some sharp scenes, but this adaptation by writer-director Leslye Headland of her 2010 play “Bachelorette” is grating end to end. Grade: C- (Rated R for sexual content, pervasive language, and drug use.)


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