Family Portrait in Black and White: movie review

( Unrated ) ( Monitor Movie Guide )

The story of a Ukrainian woman who has raised more than 20 foster children is fascinatingly told.

Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival
Protagonist Olga Nenya, who has raised 23 foster children, comes across as a martinet Mother Goose.

Olga Nenya has single-handedly raised 23 foster children in her native Ukraine, 16 of which are the biracial offspring of visiting African students and Ukrainian women.

Ostracized by the community at large, these kids are kept in line by Olga, who comes across as a martinet Mother Goose.

Director Julia Ivanova doesn’t soft-pedal Olga’s iron will but, with this many kids and so much unruliness, our sympathies are torn.

It's a fascinating story, fascinatingly told.

Grade: B+ (Not rated.)

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