Duck Dynasty poised to release the 'Quackin'

Duck Dynasty will return on Aug. 14. Duck Dynasty is the second-most watched TV series on cable, behind 'The Walking Dead.'

A&E wants to make sure you didn't duck its latest billboard campaign: After huge signs promising it would "Release the Quackin'" on Aug. 14, the network officially confirmed the date Tuesday as the start of "Duck Dynasty" Season 4.

Television's top-rated non-fiction cable show will return with the further adventures of the duck-hunting Robertsons, who have built an empire selling duck calls. Last season the show was the second-most-watched series on cable, behind only "The Walking Dead."

In the season 4 premiere, Robertson women enlist Uncle Si to distract Phil and Kay while Willie, Jase and Jep set-up a surprise vow renewal for their 49th anniversary.

Season 3 averaged 8.4 million total viewers, 4.8 million adults 18-49 and 4.7 million adults 25-54.

As The Christian Science Monitor reported recently, 'redneck' television shows are winning over audiences.

"Despite their long shaggy beards and bandanna-tied foreheads, the “Duck Dynasty” fellas are endearingly eccentric and funny, and bow their heads in prayer over a meal at the end of each episode while one of the cast members narrates a life-lesson takeaway. But it is still hard to tell if those 8.5 million viewers are laughing at or with this family who has made their fortune with a duck call fabrication business."

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