Green bean casserole, two variations

Green bean casserole is an American favorite, next to the turkey, at Thanksgiving dinner. Here are two versions to choose from.

The Gourmand Mom
Green bean casserole is a classic favorite on American Thanksgiving dinner tables.

Green bean casserole smothered in a can of mushroom soup and topped with crunchy fried onions makes its annual appearance every fourth Thursday in November when Americans bow their heads to give thanks over a sagging dinner table.

Here are two variations of green bean casserole recipes we've featured in the past that are popular with our readers:

Traditional green bean casserole: Americans have loved this dish since Campell's Soup introduced it in 1955. The green beans in this recipe swim in a can of mushroom soup, are splashed with Worcestershire sauce, and are topped with crispy fried onions before being baked in the oven.

Fresh green bean casserole: This recipe uses fresh mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, and even invites you to make your own crispy onion straws.

Green bean casserole alternative: For those who dare to offer something besides green beans, you may like peas and pearl onions. Quick and easy to make on the stovetop, peas and pearl onions bring a nice splash of green to the Thanksgiving table.

Tomorrow, we'll share yet another recipe for green bean casserole that uses Greek yogurt.

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