Easter recipes round-up

Hot cross buns, scalloped potatoes, ham, and roasted lamb are just a few recipes to get you started.

An Easter feast.

Happy Easter! Or if you don't celebrate Easter, happy bright beginnings of spring. From natural Easter egg dyes, to roasted lamb, to chocolate Easter baskets, this week's round-up of recipes will ensure your Sunday table is full of festive and tasty flavors.

If you are thinking more about a brunch than a dinner, why not serve hot cross buns? Traditionally served on Good Friday, hot cross buns will also make a sweet beginning to an Easter breakfast. Pair those buns with fried eggs on asparagus, another wonderful springtime offering.

You can't get more traditional than Easter ham and even if you are serving it as your main course, your guests will love baked prosciutto-wrapped asparagus as an appetizer.

Can't decide if you'll serve ham or lamb for Easter dinner? Check out our recipes for both with two recipes for Easter ham and roasted rack of lamb.

For your sides, scalloped potatoes are always a popular choice and try this variation of asparagus served with sauce maltaise.

If you have children to entertain this weekend, recruit their help in holiday touches for your table with natural Easter egg dyes and chocolate Easter baskets. It will be the most fun you have all weekend!

Whatever your plans may be, at least get out and sniff the fresh air today – it's Earth Day and we all deserve some quality time with this place we call home.

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