Thanksgiving dessert ideas

Thanksgiving dessert should be as bountiful as your blessings.

The Gourmand Mom
Thanksgiving cookies and pies are a sweet way to end a day bursting with good flavors.

Here on the eve of Thanksgiving, America's kitchen are whirring as the nation's home cooks prepare for the feast tomorrow. Whether you are traveling to visit family (best wishes at the airport), hosting family and friends, or preparing a simple Thanksgiving for two, everyone is counting on dessert to sweeten the day.

To help you on the home stretch are a few Thanksgiving dessert ideas from the Stir It Up! bloggers:

Thanksgiving cookies

Old-fashioned apple pie

Perfect apple crumble pie

Key lime pie

Southern pecan pie

Pumpkin coconut pie

If you are still looking for ideas for Thanksgiving dinner, check out the recipes on our Holiday dinners page. And in case any forgets to tell you, you look beautiful decorated in flour.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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