Three tips to reduce food waste at your Thanksgiving dinner

This Thanksgiving, reduce food waste and make the most of your holiday meal with just a few steps. 

3. Manage potlucks and get creative with leftovers

The Gourmand Mom
Roast turkey sandwich melt with brie and homemade apple butter.

In addition to supporting Pollan's food rule, Ms. Gunders of the NRDC has some of advice of her own on how to keep Thanksgiving dinner satisfying and efficient.

She says hosts should tell guests to bring only what's necessary. 

"Don't be afraid to boss your guests around," Ms. Gunders says. In other words, three different sides of mashed potatoes is a recipe for excess. "Make sure that what people are bringing balances out the meal."

People should also "get creative with the leftovers."

"Never before have there been so many ideas and recipes out there about how to use up not just the turkey but the mashed potatoes, the cranberry sauce, everything," she says.

But the biggest piece of advice she recommends to keeping Thanksgiving dinner satisfying and efficient? Ordering a smaller turkey.

"Instead of assuming one pound per person try three quarters of a pound or half a pound because there is so much other food around," she says.  

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