What kind of an eater are you?

From locavores to femivores, to fast food junkies and punk domestics, here are 11 labels for every kind of person at the dinner table.

2. #Instafoodie / Food blogger

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    Elise Bauer photographs her recipe of Brazilian Cheese Bread for her food blog on the back porch of her parents kitchen in Sacramento, Calif. Although not a Saveur winner this year, she creates recipes and photographs for her 100,000 hits-per-day food blog, 'simplyrecipes.com,' and mentors other food bloggers and brainstorms the business of food blogging.
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You've seen them. They are the ones who whip out their smart phones or cameras to snap a photo of their steaming dish the moment a restaurant server sets it before them. Instead of a sauce, they apply a filter to their food photo, and then send it out to the masses via social networking. These #instafoodies/food bloggers are a common sight in every kind of eatery, from fast food joints to four-star restaurants.

Taking a picture of a pie and posting it online so your friends can imagine how awesome your tummy’s gonna feel in 5 minutes (#pieismylife) isn’t nearly as taboo as it once was. #Instafoodies aren’t necessarily cooks the way many food bloggers are, but they are both tech-savvy and enjoy feeding (teasing?) our appetite with food images.

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