Jeff Bezos: Will Amazon 'Prime Air' drones deliver diapers?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced plans to launch a new 30-minute or less drone delivery plan. Though Amazon drones probably won't hit the American skies any time soon, this blogger already has a shopping list.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon research and development labs are working on an unmanned aircraft project, shown here. Amazon says it will take years to advance the technology, but CEO Jeff Bezos said Sunday Dec. 1.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced plans to launch 30-minute or less drone delivery, shipping packages 5 pounds or less up to 10 miles away from their fulfillment center. He introduced the new delivery option in a CBS 60-minutes interview earlier this week. 

I’m already game. I get excited enough when the mailman shows up with a package for me, so I imagine I will be standing on my front lawn in my bathrobe and slippers scanning the skies for my latest delivery. Yes, I am that crazy, and during nap times for my toddler, I do have that much free time on my hands.

There are a lot of ways parents could use drone delivery, here’s a start to my list of items that I imagine most parents would agree would make the perfect drone drop.

Diapers: We’ve all had it happen to us. No more diapers, un-diapered child, resulting in feverishly digging through all diaper bags, car seats, and luggage to find anything that resembles a diaper. Then magically, diapers drop on the front lawn. Like manna.  

Sporting goods: Kids grow fast, sometimes overnight, and kids lose stuff. Mouth guards, soccer cleats, ahem … jock straps, all need speedy, not to mention discreet shipping. I can tell you I am already not looking forward to some of the aforementioned sports equipment purchases for my son. And he’s one.

Food: Will food be on the drone delivery list? Packaged food at least? Please make it so. I like to think I keep my pantry well-stocked, but I have been known to purchase extra rolls of plastic wrap, extra peanut butter to add to three other jars of peanut butter and yet another can of tomato soup, while entirely forgetting other basic packaged goods. Cookies for a school party? Macaroni and cheese for Friday night sleepover? Done by drones.

Books: I guess we can go ahead and take notice of the original delivery item that made Amazon famous. Would drone delivery make it possible for me to purchase a book as a gift that my son and I fell in love with at the library? Note, I am always going to plug the local library first, but I am sure the local library authorities will come hunting me down after I renew the book 18 times and keep pretending like we have not gotten around to giving it a read. So, instead of not answering the door to a group of angry librarians, I could enjoy opening it to a drone delivery. Sounds like a plan.

What would you add to the list?

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