WWE star saves mom from fire using tree, overkill? My kids loved it

WWE star saves mom: When someone locked his mother into her home and set it on fire, WWE star Chris Masters didn't wait for the police to act. He uprooted a tree and smashed it through a window. My kids loved it, but a tree? one wondered. 'What's wrong with a rock?'

Chris Masters' twitter
WWE star saves mom: Here, Chris Masters' mom's house the day after the fire. The WWE star used a tree to break a window and gain entrance to the house during the blaze.

There is only one occasion when seeing your son uproot a tree and slam it through your window is cause for celebration and former WWE wrestler Chris “Master Lock” Masters tumbled to it when he saved his mom from a captor who’d set her house on fire with her in it. In doing so, he smashed a favorite bully weapon by giving the term “Mama’s Boy” a fierce makeover. He also has my sons thinking about what they would have done to save Mom.

Mr. Masters, whose real name is Chris Mordetzky, got a call from his uncle saying that a neighbor had locked himself in Masters's mother's Los Angeles home and threatened to burn the place down if anyone tried to come inside, according to the wrestler's Twitter feed. Masters decided not to be dictated to by the home invader and called the police — then the neighbor set the house on fire with Masters’ mom inside.

While there are those who say pro wrestling in the WWE is all just play acting, Masters was not playing around when he decided against waiting for police and, instead, went rushing to his mother’s aid.

Masters arrived on the scene and, as police struggled to find a way into the burning house, he uprooted a tree and used it to smash in a window and save his mom.

“Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.... Moms resting comfortably with me at my place,” Masters posted on his Twitter feed, which is filled with photos of his mother’s home. “Heres the aftermath.So thankful my moms alive!!!!!!!!!”

I bet his mom excused the swearfest that ensued in his posts after he very satisfactorily took down the bad guy and rescued her. Profanity aside, the incident has my sons debating how they would save me in that situation and I have the feeling the landscaping’s going to suffer before this day is out. The fact that Masters chose a tree as a tool has Team Geek here at my house in an uproar. Masters is the new social media meme fodder with my boys saying things like, “A bulletproof vest wears Chris Masters for protection” and “When Bruce Banner gets mad he turns into the Hulk. When the Hulk gets mad he turns into Chris Masters. When Chris Masters gets mad, run!”

Of my four sons the eldest, Zoltan, 19, is a criminal justice major at Virginia Commonwealth University with a homeland security a minor; Ian, 17, is a high school senior; Gracie Jiu-Jitsu blue belt (one stripe), Avery, 14, is the stick-thin gaming Star Trek geek; and Quin, 9, is the self-proclaimed “mathmagician.”

So how would my sons handle this crisis?

All the boys agreed that Zoltan would have been the one to “Go Chuck Norris on the situation” and throw himself through the window to get his hands on the bad guy.

Ian could not stop grinning, “A tree? That’s beautiful. Arrive on the scene, assess the situation and the answer we get is tree? Well, it worked so I guess my only thing would be the take-down once I was in.”

“What’s wrong with a rock,” Avery asked. “You can’t go wrong with a rock. Think of the time lost uprooting a tree!”

Quin closed the comments saying, “Seriously? The guy’s huge and can pull out a tree, so why not just kick in the door? Actually, forget that, if I saw a dude ripping out a tree and I was the guy hurting his mom I would just die of being scared.”

This is an incident that’s not going to get old at our house.

I will tell you that it’s really nice to see a big, tough, scary guy who can perform bone-crushing locks in the ring be such a doting son. Seeing him continue to post love for his mother and her being safely under her son’s wing tells me that as a parent she really did something right.

In fact he just posted a retro black and white snapshot of his mom and wished her a happy birthday on Twitter today. Even though her son already gave her the best gift any mom could have by loving her so much he’d smash through fire for her, I bet he still gives her flowers. If there was a belt you could win for being a good son I’d award it to Masters.

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