Molly Sims: Pregnant supermodel speaks honestly about cravings

Molly Sims, the pregnant supermodel and actress, shows refreshing openness as she speaks honestly about her cravings:. She says she's making no effort to reign in her sweet tooth, and is loving not having to worry about her figure.

Evan Agostini / AP
Molly Sims is showing refreshing honesty in her willingness to speak openly about her eating habits. The pregnant supermodel and actress said she has been embracing her sweet tooth and otherwise enjoying the freedom to not have to worry about her famous figure.

Model and actress Molly Sims has been doling out details about her pregnancy, sharing with fans baby bump photos, stories of sleepless nights and now some details about some third trimester sweet tooth cravings:

“Red velvet @sprinkles cupcake, a piece of Marzipan bundt cake, sorbet&cake batter froyo w/gram cracker,” she tweeted the other day.

Sims told People Magazine that she is loving the freedom of eating what she wants, and happy to stop worrying maintaining the super model figure. Four dessert in one day! the celeb headlines grasped.

To which we say, right on. It’s nice when celebrities pave the way for embracing the bod, whatever it’s doing, rather than fighting it.

Maybe, when Sims has her baby boy (no name yet, she says, although she and husband Scott Stuber have narrowed it down to 12 options) she will continue the trend of food honesty.

It could make a lot of other mothers feel better about themselves. (Ok, maybe just me.)

I can see it now:

“Macaroni&cheese off high chair; OJ from carton bc not enough time to get cup; covered in yogurt, applesauce not so bad with an @toddler spoon.”

We can only hope.

In the meantime, we’ll wait for more updates from Sims (we can’t help it), who says that she is “so excited to meet him and just hold his hand.”

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