Boy Scouts of America to vote on allowing gay members

The Boy Scouts of America are meeting in Texas today and tomorrow to decide the whether to allow gay members. The vote by 1,400 Scout leaders is planned for tomorrow. 

The Associated Press
The Boy Scouts of America is convening a meeting to decide whether to allow gay members. The issue of gay scout leaders will not be taken up, and the policy still stands banning them from participating.

The Boy Scouts of America will convene a two-day meeting of 1,400 local leaders to consider changing its long-standing ban openly gay boys belonging to the scouting movement.

Officials of the Irving, Texas-based organization are scheduled to open the first of the ballots cast on whether to allow gay Boy Scouts. Scouting officials propose allowing openly gay Scouts but retaining the ban on gay adult Scout leaders.

The final vote is scheduled for Thursday in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Grapevine.

Some conservatives have denounced the proposal, saying the Scouts' traditions would be undermined by the presence of openly gay youth. Gay-rights supporters have welcomed the proposed change as a positive first step but want the BSA to lift the ban on gay adults as well.

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