Golden cookie stolen, suspects include a Sesame Street character

A Berlin bakery had its golden cookie stolen. The golden cookie stolen was part of a 100-year-old sculpture on the bakery's facade. The police have a lead, a photo with someone holding a golden cookie while dressed as Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. 

A famous golden cookie was stolen off a Berlin sculpture. Officers investigating the disappearance received a photo today of a golden cookie in the hands of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster.

Missing: One golden cookie, weighing around 44 pounds (20 kilograms).

Suspect: The Cookie Monster?

The rectangular gilded bronze sculpture was part of a statue gracing the facade of German cookie baker Bahlsen's Hannover office.

How the century-old symbol was taken remains unclear, but police say witnesses reported having seen two men with a ladder in the area earlier this month.

The company has offered €1,000 ($1,350) for information leading to the cookie's recovery.

A police statement said a local newspaper received a picture Tuesday showing someone in an outfit similar to Sesame Street's Cookie Monster holding a golden cookie.

The sender wrote to demand cookies be delivered to children at a city hospital.

Police aren't sure if it's the same cookie, or a real claim of responsibility.

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