The top 25 celebrity baby names of all time, from Apple to Zuma

By giving their offspring marquee names, celebrity parents sometimes make their babies' mark before the offspring can make their own. From Apple to Zuma, Crimefighter to Bandit, Sunny to Rain, today's baby names are unforgettable in ways that the basics – like "Susan" (daughter of Fred MacMurray), "John" (son of Spencer Tracy), "Stephen" (son of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall) or "Mary" (daughter of John Wayne) – simply are not. For your inspiration, or amusement, here are our 25 favorites.

John Kehe
Whimsical and offbeat baby names abound in the celebrity world and this year, we bring you 25 of our favorites.

1. Mirabella Bunny

Move over Easter Bunny, Mirabella Bunny is the new rabbit in town. On April 22, 2011, Canadian singer/photographer Bryan Adams and photographer Alicia Grimaldi welcomed their first baby into the world. Mr. Adams told People, “She arrived like all good Easter bunnies, on Easter Friday.”

Adams told the Canadian magazine Macleans that Mirabella Bunny’s arrival was a long time coming. “I made up this whimsical story that I tell her mother when Bunny can’t sleep – that she chose us. She was just circling overhead and thought, ‘Right, you two!’”

The rock-and-roll dad even takes the baby on tour. “I want her to get a taste of it. I want her to be a little rock’ n’ roll girl, to see the world the way I saw the world as a kid. I was on the road with my parents until I was 12.” Adams’ father worked as a Canadian diplomat, allowing the family to travel all over the world.

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