The Parent Rap: Like Gangnam Style, raising dorkyness to an art

The Parent Rap video raises the dorkyness of parenting to an art. Why does a mom wearing some of her toddler's breakfast find this both funny and unsettling?

It’s no Gangnam Style, but Bluefish TV’s “The Parent Rap” video is making waves – at least among the decidedly-no-longer-cool (ever cool?) parenting set. (Of which, I will admit, I am a card-carrying member.) 

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Now, there are times when a video posted by multiple friends on Facebook is funny. And there are times when it is...  well... a bit close to home. We’re not quite sure into which category this one falls. You be the judge. And then help explain to me why I am both laughing and feeling a bit uncomfortable while I watch it. (Is it that first image of the living room destroyed by toddlers?  The suburban white parents trying to look hard core?  The fact that I am still wearing some of my toddler’s breakfast?)  

Anyhow, in case you missed it on Facebook, here is “The Parent Rap.”  Because we want to make sure you keep up with the times.

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