Chris Hemsworth joins 'Ghostbusters': Guess who he's playing?

Hemsworth has reportedly taken a role in the upcoming 'Ghostbusters' movie that stars such comedians as Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. Paul Feig of 'The Heat' and 'Spy' is directing.

Stefan Wermuth/Reuters
Chris Hemsworth poses at the European premiere of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' in London.

According to “Ghostbusters” director Paul Feig, “Avengers” actor Chris Hemsworth has come on board the project. But his new role may surprise you. 

Feig tweeted a picture of Hemsworth with a caption reading,

In the original “Ghostbusters” films, “Pretty in Pink” actress Annie Potts took on the role of Janine, the Ghostbusters’ receptionist who is attracted to Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis).

When Feig, the director of such films as “Bridesmaids” and the recent movie “Spy,” came on board to direct a new “Ghostbusters” film, he made clear early on that he would be asking women to don the Ghostbusters uniforms.

Since he had previously worked with “The Skeleton Twins” actress Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy of “Mike and Molly” on the movie "Bridesmaids" (and has since directed McCarthy in the comedies “The Heat” and “Spy”), fans wondered whether the two would be coming on board for the film. Feig later tweeted photos of Wiig, McCarthy, and “Saturday Night Live” actresses Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

Many were happy to hear a female-led “Ghostbusters” movie was in the works. But according to Deadline, Feig's project is not the only "Ghostbusters" remake being planned.

Studio Sony is working on a “counterpart” to Feig’s planned movie that would be a separate “Ghostbusters” series and possibly star actor Channing Tatum. “This is a branded entertainment, a scary supernatural premise mixed with comedy,” original “Ghostbusters” director Ivan Reitman told Deadline. “Paul Feig’s film will be the first version of that, shooting in June to come out in July 2016. He’s got four of the funniest women in the world, and there will be other surprises to come. The second film has a wonderful idea that builds on that.”

Does that diminish the planned female-led “Ghostbusters” movie? Feig himself said in an interview with RadioTimes that the news was “a bit of a shock.” “I was like, 'Does that mean don't worry, the real one's coming after this?'” he said.

The first “Ghostbusters” movie with the female quartet – and now, Hemsworth – is due to be released in 2016.

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