'Big Eyes': Tim Burton's latest movie tells the true story of the famous paintings

'Eyes' stars Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams as Walter and Margaret Keane. Margaret painted well-known works depicting children in the 1960s but Walter passed the paintings off as his own.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Amy Adams arrives at the 2014 Oscars.

Those who were around in the ‘60s may remember the iconic paintings that seemed to pop up everywhere of oversized, doe-eyed children. Now the true story behind those paintings is revealed with Tim Burton’s newest directorial effort, “Big Eyes.”

“Eyes,” which was released on Dec. 25, centers on married couple Walter (“Horrible Bosses 2” actor Christoph Waltz) and Margaret (“American Hustle” actress Amy Adams) Keane. Margaret makes the paintings of the large-eyed children, but Walter claims the paintings as his own, telling his wife people wouldn’t like the paintings if they think a female artist is behind them. The couple eventually divorces and Margaret later comes forward with the truth, causing the former husband and wife to fight it out in court. 

The movie has particularly caught the film community’s attention because it is a film by Burton that eschews the special effects of his recent efforts “Frankenweenie,” “Dark Shadows,” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

Adams told TheWrap she was attracted to the part of Margaret after she had a daughter. 

“[I] identified with Margaret as a mother,” the actress said. “For the first time, I saw her as a little more than just a victim.”

At a recent screening, a scene that takes place in a courtroom after Walter and Margaret become embroiled in a legal battle had audiences “howling,” according to TheWrap.

“People don't believe it, but we toned down the courtroom scene,” Burton told TheWrap. 

“Eyes” writer Larry Karaszewski agreed, detailing how in real life, Walter acted as his own legal representation and the judge finally had duct tape placed over Walter’s mouth.

“We couldn't use a lot of what really happened, because nobody would buy it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Burton told Entertainment Weekly he was fascinated by the relationship between the former husband and wife.

“In life, is there anything other than a dysfunctional relationship?” he asked.

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