'A Christmas Carol': Which movie version is your favorite?

Which film adaptation of Charles Dickens's novel is your favorite? Cast your vote now!

Which version of 'A Christmas Carol' is the best?

Which film version of "A Christmas Carol" is superior to all the rest?

It's a question we at the Monitor offices were struggling to answer as we compiled a list of contenders for our upcoming "best holiday movie ever" poll (check back for more on that). As we continued to think of movies we simply couldn't leave off the list, more and more versions of Dickens' classic continued to be added until it seemed a little excessive.

"Carol" is deservedly a holiday classic with its story of the grumpy Ebenezer Scrooge who learns, with the help of three spirits, the value of eschewing selfishness and thinking of others. Scrooge has been portrayed by everyone from actors Alastair Sims to George C. Scott to Michael Caine, and the tale has gotten twists such as being acted out by Jim Henson's Muppets (in their version, Charles Dickens himself was portrayed by blue creature Gonzo) and being updated to the then-present day, as in the 1988 Bill Murray film "Scrooged."

So we're holding a poll to determine the best "Carol" version of all time. Pick your favorite carefully, because whichever wins will be able to move on to our "best holiday movies" ever competition – but only one "Carol" film is making the cut.

So what do you prefer? The classic George C. Scott version? The musical stylings of the 1970 Albert Finney version? Mickey Mouse and his friends taking on the famous story?

Vote now and we'll see what version gets to move on.

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