Tell your story! Enter our #CSMmyStory contest

Everyone has a story to tell. Send us a great photo and write a headline that tells your story, and you could win a subscription to our digital or print edition. 

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Tell a story with just one photo, like the tale of the carrot cake thief. Post your photo using #CSMmystory, and you could win a Monitor print or digital subscription.

Here at the Monitor, we're always looking for good stories.

A good story can explore new ideas, teach you something, or transport you to another place. Sometimes just a photo and a headline allows readers to walk in another person's shoes, understand a complex problem, and can even inspire action. 

Now we want to see your stories! We know you have them.

Maybe it's the story of the first trip out in the new RV where you thought you could clear that covered bridge, but ended up leaving the air conditioner behind on the highway. Maybe it's the time your daughters played barber and both ended up with some wacky new hairdos. Or your son's first day of school, grandma's 90th birthday, your trip to the Grand Canyon, or the neighborhood block party.

We're seeking stories of friendship or family, heartwarming or disastrous, silly or quirky, uplifting or frustrating. Send us a photo that tells your story. Add a headline for your photo, but keep it short and to the point, a maximum of about 140 characters. After all, a picture is already worth a thousand words.

Enter below and log onto Facebook or Pinterest to post or pin a photo telling your story along with an engaging headline to accompany it, using the hashtag #CSMmyStory.

Our director of photography, along with other staff, will choose the best photo/story combination. The winner will receive a one-year Monitor print or digital subscription and a CSM Coffee Mug. Second place will receive a six-month Monitor print or digital subscription and a CSM flash drive, and third place will receive a 3-month Monitor print or digital subscription. 

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