Gillian Anderson pilot will center on a conspiracy involving Washington's most powerful figures

The Gillian Anderson pilot will find the actress starring as CEO Meg Fitch, whose daughter is taken prisoner. NBC has ordered the Gillian Anderson pilot.

Jonathan Short/AP
Gillian Anderson's pilot will be written and produced by Rand Ravich, who created the NBC series 'Life.'

Will “X-Files” star Gillian Anderson be returning to television?

According to TV Guide, the actress will star in an untitled pilot for NBC, in which she will play a CEO named Meg Fitch whose daughter and daughter’s classmates are taken prisoner. The show itself, which will be produced and written by Rand Ravich with Far Shariat, will center on a vast conspiracy that comes to involve some of the most powerful people in Washington, D.C.

Actress Rachael Taylor of ABC’s “666 Park Avenue” will star on the show as Susie Dunn, an FBI agent who is Meg’s sister and who is in charge of the operation to find her niece and her niece’s classmates. Before the kidnapping, Fitch and Dunn were estranged because of a secret that lies between them.

Taylor also starred on the ABC remake of “Charlie’s Angels” as Abby Sampson, one of the titular Angels, and guest-starred on the ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. Lucy Fields.

Ravich created and wrote the NBC series “Life,” which starred actor Damian Lewis pre-“Homeland” as a police officer who gets back on the job after having been mistakenly sent to jail. Shariat served as an executive producer on "Life."

“Battle Force” actress Stevie Lynn Jones has also signed on to Ravich and Shariat's NBC pilot, according to TV Guide.

Anderson starred in the 2007 film version of “The X-Files,” titled “The X-Files: I Want to Believe,” and signed on for an arc on the upcoming NBC show “Hannibal,” which will center on the “Silence of the Lambs” killer Hannibal Lecter. She also appeared in a BBC miniseries of the Charles Dickens novel “Bleak House” and in a miniseries, also by the BBC, of “Great Expectations.” She recently starred as a detective on the British series “The Fall,” which will air on the BBC. 

On “Hannibal,” the actress will play a therapist named Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier who serves as doctor to Hannibal Lecter himself.

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