Daylight Saving Time: 10 songs for the extra sunshine

'Walking on Sunshine,' 'The Warmth of the Sun' and 'You Are My Sunshine' all say Daylight Saving Time to us – what are your picks?

Singles by Katrina and the Waves and Fleet Foxes both make the cut for the Monitor's picks for Daylight Saving Time songs.

What does Daylight Saving Time sound like?

The best 10 songs about the sun:

10. "Walking on Sunshine," Katrina and the Waves, 1985
9. "Sunny," Bobby Hebb, 1966
8. "Hello Sunshine," Super Furry Animals, 2006
7. "Sunny Afternoon," The Kinks, 1966
6. "The Warmth of the Sun," The Beach Boys, 1964

5. "You Are My Sunshine," Ray Charles, 1962
4. "Good Day Sunshine," The Beatles, 1966
3. "Sun it Rises," Fleet Foxes, 2008
2. "Keep On the Sunny Side," The Whites (O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack), 2000

1. "Here Comes the Sun," The Beatles, 1969

That's our list. What's yours?

John Kehe is the Monitor’s design director.

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