'The River' will make your skin crawl with its tense plotting -- VIDEO

'The River' features a mysterious entity that's waiting to prey on a group of explorers

Chris Pizzello/STF/AP
'The River' stars Leslie Hope (r.) as the wife of a missing explorer, Joe Anderson (center) as their son and Eloise Mumford (l.) as one of the missing explorer's crew members.

When a famous television explorer goes missing in the Amazon, his wife and son vow to find out what really happened to him.  Funded by the same reality TV company that provided the financial backing for Dr. Cole prior to his disappearance, the expedition becomes a tug-of-war for exclusive, full-access to the family’s grief and the increasing uncertainty every step of the way.  But the farther they venture into the deep, treacherous jungle, the more everyone begins to realize that this journey is not just about a missing man — but what he found out there. 
 Tensions continue to rise as a few jumpy cameramen, fragile family members strained by not knowing what happened, and some genuinely spooky events take them to the breaking point.  When traveling that far into the untamed wilds of the Amazon, no one knows exactly what they will find.  That was Dr. Cole’s quest.  He wanted to find out what was at the ends of the earth – what secrets does the lush overgrowth cover from the prying eyes of outsiders?  Is it a lost tribe, haunted spirits, or something else entirely?  One thing is for certain:  nothing is exactly what it seems and it is much, much more dangerous.

The series features Leslie Hope as Tess, the estranged wife of Dr. Emmet Cole (played by Bruce Greenwood) and Joe Anderson as Lincoln, their adult son with troubles of his own.  Aiding in their quest is Paul Blackthorn as Clark, the television producer who is more determined to protect the unaired, exclusive footage of those final days leading up to Dr. Cole’s disappearance and anything else they can get on film while on this perilous journey.  Unwilling to rely only on Clark’s empty promises, they also recruit the help of a bodyguard Captain Kurt Brynildson (Thomas Krestchmann) and Dr. Cole’s former crew Emilio (Daniel Zacapa) and Lena (Eloise Mumford).  The journey is about trust, alliances, and never being sure who is working against them. 
 But as more people turn up missing, the series takes on a darker, more sinister tone.  Someone or something is out there in the darkness, lurking and waiting to strike.  With such a lush and realistic setting, the show is stunning to watch.  But that realism is a double-edge sword, it will make your skin crawl and look around to make sure you are still alone as you watch from the comfort of your living room.

Tiffany Vogt blogs at The TV Addict.

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