'The Vampire Diaries' has the best new male character on TV in 2011

'The Vampire Diaries' actor Joseph Morgan was the best new actor on a TV show with his villainous Klaus

Favorite New Girl: Zooey Deschanel. Oh, and before you chastise us for going with the obvious choice, please consider this.

Favorite New Girl Not Starring in a Show of the Same Name: It’s a tie… between AWKWARD’s Ashley Rickards and SUBURGATORY’s Jane Levy. Seriously. We can’t decide, can you?

Favorite New Guy: In a crowded field of very deserving candidates including HART OF DIXIE’s Wilson Bethel, REVENGE’s Gabriel Mann and ONCE UPON A TIME’s Josh Dallas, one man elevated evil to an entirely new level of fun. THE VAMPIRE DIARIESJoseph Morgan, we salute you!

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Favorite Fake Newscaster: With his sly delivery and trademark smirk, Seth Meyers continues to demonstrate that should the day ever arrive when Jon Stewart decides to look for other opportunities outside of THE DAILY SHOW, the man manning SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’s Weekend Update desk is ready and waiting in the wings.

Favorite Funny: The $25 Foosball “bit” on COMMUNITY was worth every penny. Hence, Exhibit “A”

Favorite New Drama: With its litany of plot twists and cadre of characters whose murky loyalties had us questioning motives at every turn, HOMELAND was Showtime’s 24-equivalent minus the silly time constrains and plus the nudity.

Favorite New Comedy: What do you get when you combine a wickedly talented six person ensemble willing to do anything, and we mean anything, for a laugh? HAPPY ENDINGS, or as we like to call it, quite possibly the funniest series since that show about that coffee addicted gang from Central Perk.

Favorite Fictional Town: Complete with a seemingly never-ending calendar of events and festivals rivalled only by that of HART OF DIXIE’s Bluebell Alabama, this season of PARKS AND RECREATION cemented Pawnee Indiana’s status as the live action equivalent of THE SIMPSONS’ Springfield courtesy of a ridiculously endearing ensemble, an ever-expanding collection of hilarious townspeople, and one incredibly adorable horse (RIP Li’l’ Sebastian)

Favorite Fictional Family: Despite our love of MODERN FAMILY’s Dunphey-Pritchett clan, this blue-collar blogger feels a slight obligation to stick with fellow members of the 99% this year by raising a bottle to Showtime’s SHAMELESS Gallagher family for taking the dysfunctional family values to an entirely new level.

Favorite Four-legged Friend: Simply put, the almost unheard of 17-year life expectancy for Amanda/Emily’s adorable yellow Labrador Sam on REVENGE gives us hope for our frequent couch companion Mac.

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