Top Picks: 'World Party: The Big Bang Concert Series,' the 'Revolutions' podcast, and more

The magic of 'La La Land' comes to DVD and Blu-ray, National Geographic Documentary Films looks back at the Los Angeles riots with 'LA 92,' and more top picks.

Party invitation

World Party, the highly entertaining “band” of Welshman Karl Wallinger (who plays all the instruments), has been making stellar, Beatles-
inspired tracks since 1986. His latest release, World Party: The Big Bang Concert Series, is a five-song EP that is a good introduction for the uninitiated and a great reminder to longtime fans of how much they’ve missed World Party. Enjoy the romantic anthem “She’s the One” and the 1987 hit “Ship of Fools,” live with a full and rocking band.

Somber anniversary

It has been 25 years since the riots in Los Angeles after L.A. Police Department officers were acquitted of charges of using excessive force with Rodney King. LA 92, from National Geographic Documentary Films, looks back at the events leading up to the violence. “LA 92” airs on NatGeo April 30 at 9 p.m. Viewers should be aware of violent content and language.


Electronic options

Are you an e-book and audiobook fan looking to discover options at your library? The Libby app lets you access electronic and audio works at your local spot anytime; if you have cards for multiple libraries, you can use them all. Whatever you’ve borrowed is taken off automatically when it’s due, so there’s no need to worry about fines. Libby is free for iOS and Android.

Want a revolution?

Revolutions have changed countries all over the world and the podcast of the same name by Mike Duncan has dived into the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution, among other conflicts, exploring what happened and why. Duncan lends some wry humor to the proceedings, too. The podcast is available at  


‘La La’ magic

La La Land, which tells the story of actress Mia (Emma Stone) and pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) falling in love in contemporary Los Angeles, became an awards season favorite and is now one of the highest-grossing musicals of all time. Experience the film’s magic when it debuts on DVD and Blu-ray April 25.

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