Top Picks: The movie 'Marguerite' on DVD and Blu-ray, the Avalanches' album 'Wildflower,' and more

The app Blue Plaques of London helps visitors and residents of London learn more about the city, the album 'Floodplain' by Sara Groves is gentle and thoughtful, and more top picks.


Science behind beauty

Are These the World’s Most Magical Places?, a short video by National Geographic, introduces four natural wonders in different locations on Earth. It gives a glimpse into their history, explains the science behind their beauty, and features some awe-inspiring pictures. Whether you are looking for an exciting travel destination or just want to see something extraordinary from where you are right now, this video will fascinate. Find it at 

Songs for reflection

The album Floodplain, by Sara Groves, is gentle and thoughtful. Her music invites the listener to reflect, and the songs “This Cup” and “Floodplain” in particular are outstandingly beautiful.

Passion for music

In the film Marguerite, which will be available on DVD and Blu-ray Aug. 2, the title character (Catherine Frot) loves to sing, but no one can bear to tell her she’s earsplittingly off-key. Director Xavier Giannoli and co-screenwriter Marcia Romano ask viewers to take Marguerite’s passion as a value in itself. 

Singular Avalanches

Sixteen years ago, three sample-crazy Aussies known as The Avalanches crafted a singular album, “Since I Left You,” that slowly charmed its way into the hearts of fans and critics. Finally a new one, Wildflower, has appeared, and it was worth the lengthy wait. It’s daffy, lovely, nostalgic yet thoroughly modern, hazy, and unforgettable. And you will never hear anything remotely like it for at least another 16 years. Imagine a sun-warped Beach Boys record played by the Good Humor truck guy, who also makes hip-hop beats on the side. Repeated plays reveal layer after layer of witty sonic delights until, suddenly, it’s over too soon – like summer vacation.


Plaque guide

Live in London or planning to visit? Many people are familiar with the blue plaques there that identify historical sites of interest. If you’re looking to learn more about the city, the app Blue Plaques of London, which is from the English Heritage Trust, helps you track down the signs, offers more background, and suggests routes for you. It’s free for iOS and Android.

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