Watch this Rottweiler rescue, after three days on a roof

In Youngstown, Ohio, a dog spent three days on the roof of a three-story house before being rescued. How did the Rottweiler get there?

Firefighters in northern Ohio came to the rescue of a dog that neighbors say had been stuck on a roof for three days.

Dozens watched as Youngstown firefighters and police officers brought the Rottweiler to safety on Saturday.

It took them about an hour to rescue the dog, named Isis, that had escaped from a hole in the attic of the three-story house.

A man who lives across the street told The Vindicator  newspaper in Youngstown that he had called authorities about the dog a couple of times.

The dog's owner showed up during the rescue. He told authorities that he'd been staying with a friend the past week and didn't know the dog had gotten out.

Other media reported that the dog's owner said there had been a break-in at the house, and he thought the dog had escaped from the house or been taken by robbers. 

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