American Idol: Jennifer Lopez performs her new single, another Idol sounds off

American Idol recap: On Wednesday, they all performed songs that once topped the charts but on Thursday one of them would find themselves on the bottom. Who managed to sing another week and who did America send packing?

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/File
Singer and judge Jennifer Lopez poses at the party for the finalists of American Idol XIII in Calif., February 20, 2014.

It didn't take long on Thursday night for American Idol host Ryan Seacrest to dash all hopes of my bottom-three prediction hitting 100% this week when he announced that Dexter Roberts was taking up one of the stools that this article had reserved for C.J. Harris, MK Nobilette and Majesty Rose. But would we still hit the 66% we've been holding consistently since the beginning? Well, we'd have to wait until after Jennifer Lopez's live performance of, "I Luh Ya, Papi."

If Jennifer's appearance in another micro mini-skirt prior to her performance made you wonder if she may be having difficulty embracing the fact that she's no longer in her 20's, her live performance was so dated and ridiculous for a 44-year-old woman, that she may as well have been singing the "I Don't Want to Grow Up," song from Toys-R-Us.

If you've ever heard JLo's new song, you understand that it wasn't just the tiny daisy dukes or the 'Jenny from the Block" intro which began with JLo sitting on the stoop, gossiping with other girls who are actually in their 20's and younger (including Idol alums, Allison Iraheta and Jessica Sanchez) about boys that made this performance ridiculous; it's the actual content of the song (or lack thereof) that make you wonder how a woman who has been on the planet for over four decades, had two children, developed a dynamic career, and married twice can have so little to say. Seriously? You are the role model for Latina girls the world over and the best you can do is, "I Luh Ya, Papi?" 

Okay, let's shelf the bitterness associated with watching another woman of influence shrug off the responsibility she should have for younger generations of females and get down to business; after all, American Idol is a stage, not a soap box . . .

So Idol opted to throw me a bone by announcing that Majesty would take her rightful place in the bottom three before introducing Harry Connick Jr's choice of performers, "Royal Teeth," who he claimed to love because they are from Louisiana. Well, there had to be some reason; it certainly wasn't the song, "Wild," that they performed.

Finally it was time to get to the meat and potatoes of Thursday night. Would C.J. or M.K. take the remaining seat in the bottom three and who would be ousted from the Idol family? Well, MK took the final spot in the bottom three (66% yet again) but the idea that C.J, is safe, especially after hearing the recap, is a travesty of justice. In the end though, there is only one spot that matters and that's the one all three of them were hoping to avoid. Dexter and Majesty managed to escape the net but MK was forced to perform in the slim chance that the judges would rescue her. But again they opted to withhold their save and so we bid goodbye to Ms. Nobilette.

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