10 family films nominated for Oscars over the years

'Hugo' and 'War Horse' aren't the only family films to get recognized with Oscar nominations

3. 'Mary Poppins'


The 1964 film was nominated for Best Picture and won a Best Actress statuette for Julie Andrews as the famous nanny who flies using a magic umbrella as well as garnering other awards for categories that included Best Film Editing. One of the film's big production numbers, "Step in Time," which involves multiple chimney sweeps dancing on the roofs of London buildings, had to be filmed twice because after finishing the entire complicated number, the crew discovered the film was scratched. In order to get genuinely surprised reactions, the crew often didn't tell Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber, who played the children Jane and Michael, about magical things that would be happening in scenes. Dotrice's stare when Andrews pulls object after object out of her carpet bag was unplanned.

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