MacBook Pro gets updates and lower prices

Apple announced Tuesday a series of price cuts and updates that would improve operating speed and boost memory for its MacBook Pro line of laptop computers. 

How much better would this MacBook be if it was solar-powered?

Apple announced Tuesday a series of updates to the cheapest models of its MacBook Pro line of laptops focusing on improving processor speed and boosting memory. 

These updates include a high-resolution Retina display, faster processors, and more memory for a starting price of $1,299. 

That's in addition to boosting the processor up to a 2.6 GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor from 2.4 GHz, and eight gigabytes of RAM, up from four gigabytes.

The 15-inch Retina model will also see minor upgrades. With a starting price of $1,999, it moves to a 2.2 GHz quad-core i7 processor, up from two GHz previously. The more expensive 15-inch model, however, which offers enhanced graphics, has lowered its price from $2,599 to $2,499

The tech giant also announced that it is lowering the price of its older 13-inch MacBook Pro by $100 to $1,099. Still, that's not as low as the MacBook Air, which has a starting price of $899. 

These updates come at a time when Apple is gearing up for the fall release of the new OS X operating system. The update is called Yosemite and is currently in a public beta testing version. 

Apple's Mac computers performed well in sales in the company's reported third-quarter earnings, generating $5.5 billion in revenue, up from $4.8 billion a year earlier. Revenue resulted from what Apple reported was 4.4 million Mac shipments, a new record for the June quarter, according to The Wall Street Journal

When customers are increasingly migrating to mobile devices for their computing needs, it came as something of a shock that Macs outsold the iPad, Apple's tablet. That device saw a decrease in devices shipped and revenue generated from the 2013 June quarter. This dip in sales was likely a motivating factor in prompting Apple to partner with IBM in an attempt to market mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads directly to business clients. 

-Material from Reuters was used in this report. 

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