Check out the (alleged) iPhone 6 sapphire crystal screen

A video from the YouTube channel MKBHD shows what it says is a leaked 4.7-inch iPhone 6 screen. According to the video, the iPhone will feature a high-quality, durable sapphire crystal display. 

In this photo, Marques Brownlee, host of the technology YouTube channel MKBHD, discusses the merits of the sapphire crystal display screen, which he says will be used for Apple's iPhone 6.

A new video from the technology YouTube channel MKBHD shows what it says is the entire front panel of glass for an iPhone 6. If this video is accurate, the new iPhone will sport a sheet of sapphire crystal for its display screen as opposed to the traditional Gorilla Glass, the screen made by Corning Inc. According to its website, Corning Gorilla Glass is used on 2,450 product models, 2.7 billion devices, and 33 major brands, including the Apple iPhone.

At least, for now. 

The iPhone 6 is expected to come in models with either a 4.7-inch or a 5.5-inch diagonal screen. In the video, host Marques Brownlee plays with what he says is a leaked 4.7-inch iPhone 6 screen with a sapphire crystal display screen. "An actual, straight-off-the-assembly-line iPhone 6 part from Apple," he says in the video. 

Mr. Brownlee describes how it was anticipated that only the 5.5-inch display would feature the sapphire display. But, he says, the sapphire screen will be used for both versions of the iPhone 6. 

So, why is this screen a big deal? 

For starters, sapphire is extremely high quality and very durable. This is the same material that's already been used for the iPhone 5S camera lens and home button to provide high-quality, clear photos and to allow the device to read users' fingerprints through the glass, according to the video.

Moreover, the material can withstand the blade of a knife and scratches from keys. In the video, Brownlee actually takes the point of a knife to the screen and drags it across the screen's surface. No scratches. He does the same thing with a key. Again, no scratches, no marks. 

Then there's the matter of vision. How easy is this screen on the eyes?

In Brownlee's words, the screen is "perfectly see-through ... zero percent opacity." He adds that there's hardly any distortion when looking through the glass and that there's "absolutely no color shift while looking through" the glass. 

And for those of you worried about how flexible this material is, Brownlee's got you covered. In the video, he places one edge of the glass under his foot as he bends the other side upward. The glass bends, curving as easily as a gymnast's back handspring. Still, no damage. Well, except for some fingerprints Brownlee leaves on the screen from gripping it so tightly. 

"There's absolutely no way I can break this display under my own power," he says. 

In the video, Brownlee also shows what he says is the new home button part with the touch ID sensor for the iPhone 6 which, he says, is the exact same size as the home button on the iPhone 5S. 

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