iPhone 6 leaks: Larger screen and wireless charging

With Apple's annual iPhone event on the horizon, the rumor mill is ramping up. The most recent leaks show off an iPhone 6 with a larger display, plus additional software that will better implement health and home-focused applications.

Elise Amendola/AP/FILE
A shopper walks by an Apple store in Peabody, Mass., Monday, June 9, 2014.

Though there is still no word on when the iPhone 6 will debut (or what it will be called), several reports indicate that mass production of the next-gen phone are ramping up. Recent reported leaks show what could be the external hardware of the iPhone 6. Though we won’t know what is on the device until Apple announces its release, these leaked photos show off an iPhone that keeps the luxury look of the iPhone 5S with the growing size seen often on Android devices.

The leaked photos, which come from Weibo (China's Twitter competitor) user DreamerJimmy via BGR, show gold and black devices that look decidedly bigger and slimmer than previous iPhones. There is a rear camera with LED flash, while the front has a large display with a metal ring around the home button.

Previous rumors have indicated Apple is likely going for a 4.7-inch display on the iPhone 6 around September, with the potential for a 5.5-inch display on another device that will come later in the fall. (The current iPhone 5S has a 4 inch screen.) These leaked photos, if proved true, indicate that a larger display is definitely in the iPhone's future.

Outside of external features, VentureBeat recently reported that its sources say Apple is looking to increase the capabilities of software, as well, in order to extend the abilities of the iPhone even further. Its sources say that the hardware in the iPhone 6 will come equipped with mobile payment options, wireless charging support (which certainly would come in handy now that Starbucks is bringing Duracell wireless charging pads nationwide), and will support faster LTE speeds.

At Apple’s developer conference last week, the technology company released an update to its operating system that focuses on fitness and the “Internet of Things.” The next Apple event is likely to come in September, so keep an eye on these developments as they come.

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