Motorola Moto X: Now with a 'bamboo' back

Looking for a woodsy vibe on your smart phone? Look no further than the new new back of the Motorola Moto X, which is made with real bamboo.

Mark Lennihan/AP
Motorola Moto X smart phones, using Google's Android software, are shown at a press preview in New York. Motorola recently offered the Moto X phone for only a penny on a trial basis, betting customers would like it enough to pay full price after two weeks.

Looks like tech could be going ... organic?

Motorola posted a photo of a wood-backed phone case to its Google+ page Sunday, with the mysterious comment: “Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.” Tuesday, the Motorola Moto X website showed a back option titled "Natural," with a bamboo back. This confirms previous rumors about the tech company’s mobile plans, and adds a new gimmick to the increasingly competitive smart phone world.

Other leaked photos have shown a wood-back with a light-gold stain, similar to what the wood looks like on a bowling alley lane. Though there are numerous wooden cases for Apple, Samsung, and even Motorola phones available from retailers, this wood is actually integrated into the back of the phone.

Previously, there was a rumor that a wood-patterned back would be an option for Moto X users for an additional $50. The wood-patterned back rumor proved true, but the price? Not so much. The bamboo option on the Moto X website currently adds a $100 premium on top of the customized phone. The Verge confirmed with Motorola that the new phones will not ship until January.

But if you choose to shell out the extra cash for a wood-backed phone, you’re paying for the real deal. Motorola told The Verge the backs are made of real bamboo, ensuring that no two devices look the same.

Moto X is Motorola’s highly customizable offer, with an online create-your-own-phone service that lets users choose the back, front, accent, and case colors, plus add a personalized engraving. When Moto X launched its newest line of colors earlier this year, it included a “natural” color option (which showcased bamboo) but it was not an option until this point.

This new addition to Moto X comes on the heels of another Motorola customizable phone initiative called Project Ara. Project Ara is focused on developing a phone that is entirely customizable, from the size of the camera to the configuration of the battery to the speed of the device, with sections clicking together like Legos. This was an initiative that partnered with Phonebloks, a company with the same idea that generated a strong supportive community when a video of its concept when viral on YouTube.

The iPhone may be the best-selling phone right now, but if you want your smart phone to have more of your fingerprint than a smudge on a glass screen, Motorola may be your best bet.

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