The 5 best Google Doodle games ever

Interactive doodles have become a staple of Google’s home screen, and a way to highlight the achievements of people, such as the creators of Pac-Man, to major world events, such as the Olympics. Check out some of the best Google Doodle games ever created.

2. The Doodle, Synthesized

Dr. Robert Moog, the inventor of the synthesizer got an appropriately tuned present for his 78th birthday: a synthesizer version of the Google logo.

Even if you don’t know what a synthesizer is, you figure it out the second you hit the Google Doodle from May 23, 2012. The tinny, electronic keyboard has been a staple in funk, hip-hop, and rock music since Robert Moog first invented it in the mid-sixties.

Though not many people outside the music world likely knew Dr. Moog (or that he invented the synthesizer), Google set out to change that by creating an interactive synthesizer as its logo for Moog's 78th birthday. Google visitors could plunk on digital keys and record a shareable tune – plus fiddle with the filter, oscillators, and envelope to create new sounds. This Doodle indicated Google’s obsession with tech and an appreciation for where it interacts with the music world.

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