iPhone trade-in programs: Where to sell your old smart phone

Which iPhone trade-in program is best? We’ve broken down the big players in the game to find out how to get the most buck for your phone.


Ben Margot/AP
An eBay sign at eBay headquarters in San Jose, Calif., July 16.

This online auction site has been a long-standing source for people to make a quick buck on their old items. You list your item, people bid, and you end up with the profit. Now eBay has added another tool to the mix: My Gadgets. This section of the website allows you to upload information about your current devices and monitor their worth, depending on their average sale price on the site. That way, you know when to wait and when to sell. Plus, you can use the money toward whatever you like, rather than just a smart phone purchase, as with other programs.

Level of ease: Medium. You have to keep an eye on prices to know when is the best time to sell or save. Best for more serious sellers.

Estimated trade-in value: Varies, depending on demand. The current average selling price for a 16GB iPhone 5 with Verizon is $428.03.

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