Google Chromebooks steeply discounted for classrooms (with a catch)

Set a fundraising goal on, and if you hit your goal by Dec. 21, Google will sell your local public school teachers Chromebooks for $99 a pop. 

A Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. Google has partnered with to offer Chromebooks to public school students at deeply-discounted prices.

Google has partnered with the online charity platform to offer a discounted line of Samsung Series 5 Chromebook computers for public school classrooms.

In a post on the Google blog, product manager Rajen Sheth said that beginning this week, full-time public school teachers can request the Series 5 Chromebook for $99 a pop. 

"For many students and teachers, the hassles of traditional computing often prevent them from making the most of technology in the classroom," Sheth wrote. "Schools that have adopted Chromebooks, however, have been able to bring the web’s vast educational resources – whether it’s conducting real-time research or collaborating on group projects – right into the classroom. Chromebooks are fast, easily sharable, and require almost no maintenance."

Here's out it works: Navigate over to and set up a project page with your location and the number of Chromebooks you're requesting for your classroom. Hit the goal by December 21, and Google will sell you the Chromebooks at the $99 subsidized price. 

Alternatively, if you're a donor interested in helping to give a few Chromebooks to a public school in your area, you can browse active projects here

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